You can now make your tithe and offering donations through our PayPal Giving Fund Account.

Bethel Paypal QR

You can simply scan the QR code here, or click on the link below:



Frequently Asked Questions:

Will all of my donation be received by Bethel?

     Yes, Bethel will receive 100% of your donation amount.

Do I need to sign up with PayPal?

     Yes, you do need a PayPal account to donate. There are no charges to have an account.

Will donations made through PayPal be included in my Annual Giving Statement I receive from Bethel?                                         No. After you donate, you’ll get your PayPal Giving Fund tax receipt by email. You will need to keep this as your receipt for tax purposes. Bethel will continue to issue yearly giving statements on funds given through envelope and bank automatic draft giving.