Bethel History

The early years of the life of the Bethel Church were lived in a sparsely populated rural community. Within the community, the church was the only “large” public structure. Naturally, the people of Bethel opened their doors to many individuals and organizations. This community spirit continues today. In addition, Bethel was the only church structure in a large geographical area. Always a Methodist congregation, the people who came to worship were from varied denominational backgrounds attending the worship center convenient to them. Everyone found welcome inside the church building. And, today, the people of this United Methodist congregation come from many denominational experiences and continue to find welcome.

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History of Bethel Documentary

This documentary was generated by Mark Stout for Bethel's 160th Anniversary.

History Of Bethel

Rob Williams generated this History of Bethel document for the 160th Anniversary

Old Bethel

Attached is the poem "Old Bethel" by Woodrow Taylor

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